Portrait of Alexander Krivoshiew for Luxe Interiors + Design

As an editorial photographer, often times I photograph a story or a profile that I’m really excited to share, but then rather than putting it out into the world right away, I have to wait…for months…until it’s published.  That was the case with metal sculpture artist, Alexander Krivoshiew’s profile for the current issue of Luxe Interiors + Design.  And to add to my excitement even more, the photo editor informed me that rather than running it as the usual four spread, but would be SIX pages instead…amazing!

I had so much fun working with Alexander at his studio in West Palm Beach- he has a great sense of photography (he shoots fine-art pictures as well), along with all kinds of interesting tools and materials (a welding torch is almost certain to make for a more interesting portrait) oh and as a bonus he had good music playing throughout the shoot…  Awesome.

I’m so happy I can finally put this one out into the world.  Check out the spread below…


Opening spread for Luxe Interiors + Design magazine, style-makers spread, featuring the work of metal sculpture artist, Alexander Krivoshiew, at his studio in Palm Beach, FL


Sketches and metal sculptures by Alexander Krivoshiew.

portrait-of-artist-Alexander Krivoshiew-working-on-large-scale-metal-sculpture-in-studio

Alexander Krivoshiew working on large-scale metal sculpture inside his West Palm Beach studio (at left). Alexander’s materials and small scale sculpture pictured at right.

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