Simmons Delegation Portraits

portrait photography of Lennox Orion, a member of the Simmons University Delegation

Simmons University Journalism Student, Lennox Orion, pictured above

portrait photography of Simmons University delegates

Meet the Press: Simmons University Dean, Brian Norman (top left), Alum, Priscilla Wiltshire-Bland (top right), student, Lennox Orion, Professor, Donna Stewartson, student, A’mina Dowe (bottom left) and student, Maya Valentine (bottom right).

“While studying journalism, I noticed an absence of Black stories, an erasure of the richness and complexity of Black life.  When stories about blackness did appear, they featured depictions of violence, disadvantage, and the occasional success story implicating Black accomplishment was somehow surprising.  The lack of narrative diversity created a subconscious internalization: Black journalists must be as absent as Black stories.” – Maya Valentine

Simmons University sent its first delegation to the National Association of Black Journalist Convention, in Miami.  And what better way to commemorate this special event, than with a photoshoot!  All of the subjects- including the dean, a professor, three students, and one alum, brought such good energy that it was easy to capture great portraits of each!

Publication: Simmons University Magazine

Art Direction: Robert Parsons of Seven Elm

Article by: Maya Valentine

Photography: Sonya Revell

Photo Assistant: Jester Valdivia


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