Portrait Photography for Forbes Magazine

I met up with George Cloutier and Lou Mosca, of American Management Services, at George’s home office in Palm Beach, FL.  I had been commissioned by Forbes to make a portrait of Lou and George just after Christmas. Since the house was decorated for the holidays, we opted to shoot in the outdoor space overlooking the ocean…not bad.  The only caveat to shooting outside, was having mother nature cooperate.  Within a matter of minutes the weather shifted from bright sun to clouds to cloudy rain to sun with rain and back to full sun.  (Florida weather is amazing that way.)  This happened over and over during the course of our photo shoot.  Although the gentlemen were under cover for the main image below, we did get sprinkled on a couple of times (but the sun came right out to dry us off).  Thankfully these two are tough, so they weren’t bothered by a little rain.

portrait of Lou Mosca and George Cloutier in Palm Beach Florida by Sonya Revell

Forbes Magazine article 2016

behind the scenes portrait of photo assistant palm beach florida

Behind-the-scenes of photo assistant & stand-in extraordinaire, Dragi, at our Forbes shoot in Palm Beach, FL

Portrait of Lou Mosca and George Cloutier, of American Management Services, Forbes Magazine

Portrait of Lou Mosca and George Cloutier, of American Management Services, in Palm Beach, FL, photographed for Forbes Magazine 

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