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In Miami, real estate is Queen! (Or King, depending on your preference 😉  My partnership with Compass has lead me to photograph some of the top real estate agents that live and work around sunny South Florida.  And we’ve produced some fun lifestyle and portrait photography that highlights the neighborhoods, listings, and agents’ personalities all at once.  Here are a couple of my recent favorites with a few queens of Miami real estate…

Marcy and Lori in the Upper Eastside-

photography of Lori Brandt and Marcy Kaplan walking in front of the vagabond motel on Biscayne Blvd.

Compass agents and sisters, Lori Brandt and Marcy Kaplan, who specialize in the Upper Eastside- a Miami neighborhood which tends to feature mid-century homes dripping with charm.

lifestyle photography of two ladies sitting in front of the fountain at the vagabond motel

Marcy and Lori, at the iconic Vagabond Motel.



Below, Compass agent, Geane Brito, celebrity chef & restauranteur, Michael Schwartz, and food writer, Jen Karetnick, were photographed at Jen’s delightful Miami Shores abode, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Mango House’.  Ah, one of the many perks of living in South Florida:  fresh mango!


photo of chef Michael Schwartz cutting up a mango, while chatting with food writer, Jen Karetnick and Geane Brito

Over the years, chef Michael Schwartz has cooked up many delicious recipes at his award-winning restaurant, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, using fresh mangos plucked from Jen’s backyard.

Geane Brito and Jen Karetnick chat on the back porch while chef Michael Schwartz peels a ripe mango

At left: Geane Brito and Jen Karetnick chat on the back porch. At right: chef Michael Schwartz peels a ripe mango.

photo of Geane Brito and Michael schwartz holding a mango

Time for a taste-test. Compass agent, Geane Brito, and chef & restauranteur, Michael Schwartz, with fresh mangos sourced from food writer, Jen Karetnick’s backyard.


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