Portraits of Alan Faena for Forbes

After an amazing work/sight-seeing trip to Europe (more on that to come) it’s time to play catch-up with my blog….

I’m really excited to share this editorial shoot with Alan Faena, at the Faena Hotel, on Miami Beach, which was commissioned by Forbes back in April.  Alan is an Argentine hotelier and real estate developer, not to mention quite the snazzy dresser.  (If you do a Google search for him, as I did in preparation for the shoot, you’ll see that he has a personal uniform of sorts- always dressed in head-to-toe white, topped off with a white hat…sometimes the hat even has a feather (awesome)…but alas, I wasn’t lucky enough to catch him on a day with the feather in his cap.)

For Mr. Faena’s first portrait, set against the backdrop of the ‘Living Room’, I wanted to incorporate/match the warm ambient light from the bar, so I threw some warming gels on the flash units used to light him.

© Sonya Revell 2015

Alan Faena, photographed in the ‘Living Room’, at the Faena Hotel

Faena’s namesake hotel is as eccentric and eclectic as the man himself.  It definitely made for an interesting setting for a photo shoot.

© Sonya Revell 2015

Ambiance in ‘The Living Room’ at the Faena Hotel

For our second portrait set-up, I chose the backdrop of the Faena Theater, with its gold columns and vibrant, floor-to-ceiling, pink and red decor.

© Sonya Revell 2015

Portrait of Alan Faena, photographed in the Faena Theater, Miami Beach, FL

I got the chance to check out some of the rooms, along with this amazing view, since  Forbes also wanted a few over-all shots of the hotel to accompany the story.

© Sonya Revell 2015

Room with a view, Faena Hotel, Miami Beach, FL



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