Portait of an Artist: Isabel Brinck | Luxe Magazine

For my recent style-makers photo shoot for Luxe Interiors + Design, I got to spend some time with Chilean-Born, Miami-based artist, Isabel Brinck.  Isabel’s vivid paintings reveal a dream-like world full of bright colors and distorted shapes and figures.  The graphic elements in her paintings, along with her artfully arranged studio and materials, created the perfect environment for the reportage photography needed for the Luxe magazine spread.  And while Isabel’s studio was incredibly photogenic, she was even more so- which made capturing the perfect portrait of her incredibly easy.   As a photographer, sometimes I  struggle to find the perfect angle, background, or expression-  and sometimes I get lucky and it’s just there.

Check out Isabel’s paintings and Miami studio below.

photography of painter Isabel Brinck and her paintings in her studio

Isabel Brinck’s Miami Studio

photography of Isabel Brinck's art studio in miami

Above, an Indio Picaro sits on a bookshelf in Isabel’s studio.  This traditional Chilean wooden statuette references a Mapuche Indian and always has a smile on his face.  If you lift him up, you’ll see why he’s always smiling.

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