Men’s Style | Welcome to the Jungle


It is truly a great thing that I get paid to create photography.  But even if I didn’t- even if the whole ‘career’ thing never worked out, I’d definitely still be dressing people up and asking them to sit in front of my camera to have their picture taken.  But as with many other things, my enthusiasm for the work comes and goes, so it’s important that every now and then I plan a photo shoot that is just for fun-  where I am free to play and explore and try different things (and occasionally laugh while asking the model to keep a straight face).

So here is my latest test photo shoot.  With this tropical and subversive play on men’s style, I got to have a little fun with the props, wardrobe, and lighting, all while working with a great male model.  (I photograph lot’s of men in suits, but they aren’t usually sipping orange juice out of a curly straw 😉

Thanks to my creative collaborators-

Model:  Ray Silva

Hand Model / Production Assistant / Ray’s lovely wife: Wally Silva

Photo Assistant Extraordinaire:  Dragi Stankovic

Prop Rental: Prop Planet



mens-fashion-by-celebrity-portrait- photographer-Sonya-Revell




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