SB Architects | Portraits & Corporate Culture

As a self-employed person, SB Architects is possibly the only office I’ve ever walked into and thought, I want to work here!  I didn’t know exactly what to expect upon taking the assignment to photograph portraits of SB’s principal architects and corporate culture, but I certainly didn’t expect to like the vibe so much!

As a photographer, I’ve visited many businesses and offices in Florida.  But I must say that SB Architects fosters a culture that is pretty unlike any of the other businesses I’ve seen in Miami.  Their Coral Gables office feels dynamic, creative and collaborative, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and healthy work environment.  I know SB cares about their clients, but the thing I like best is that they care about their people (and it shows).

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this photo shoot.  And thankfully I have continued to collaborate with SB on multiple shoots between their offices in Miami and San Francisco.

photography of SB Architects office in miami including portraits

For inspiration, Vice President and Principle, Emilio Perez (pictured above, at bottom left), draws from his background in both hospitality and as a musician, noting that as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, architecture is like frozen music.

photography of sb architects miami office with business portraits and yoga

As a female in a leadership role, SB Architects Vice President and Principle, Jorey “Shosh” Friedman (top right),  believes she brings a sense of balance to SB and champions both the art and process of architecture.
In addition to being a leading-edge architectural firm, SB Architects is leading the way in terms of office culture as well.   Team members (pictured above) may take part in yoga and other exercise classes offered in the library during lunchtime.  And in addition to fitness classes, SB encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing in-house bicycles for an enjoyable commute to work.


Pictured below, Vice Presidents, Pinar Harris (top right) and Stefano Falbo (bottom left) are both talented architects with varies backgrounds.  Demonstrating extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship, Stefano still creates intricate architectural sketches by hand, rather than relying exclusively on the aid of computer programs.  And with her experience in urban mixed-use, multi-family, and travel destination resort design, Pinar has helped to expand SBs growth in these important markets.


The office manager keeps a stocked wine fridge and beer on tap for SB’s Friday evening ‘wine downs’.  And a couple days a week at 3pm, employees can enjoy a cafecito made in-house.  (For those of you not from Miami, that is a very strong and delicious Cuban Coffee.)  Like I said- not a bad place to work at all.


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