Portrait of Naeem Khan | Wine Spectator

A few months back, I was invited to the Miami pied-a-terre of renowned fashion designer, Naeem Khan, for a photo shoot with Wine Spectator magazine.  (You can see the article here, http://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/Wine-Design-Fashion-Mogul-Naeem-Khan)  I didn’t have to travel far, as Khan’s penthouse apartment is located just a mile from my condo.  (Of course, his home and my home are a world apart in terms of scale and furnishings. 😉

Khan is known for his colorful and ornate designs, that have attracted the likes of Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.  “My designs are like jewelry,” he says to me, as we consider shoot locations within his three-story apartment.

Naeem, the ever-gracious host during our four-hour shoot, offers my assistant and me espresso and later, kebabs straight from his Japanese grill.

With its 20 ft. ceilings, featuring an 11 ft. chandelier, handmade in Indian for Naeem, and floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking Miami, we knew the first portrait would have to be in the living room.

portrait photography of naeem khan in his living room

Naeem Khan’s gorgeous pied-a-terre, overlooking Miami. His living room features a 20 ft. ceiling and grand chandelier, handmade for him in India.

portrait photography of naeem khan cooking kebabs over a japenese grill

Naeem cooks kebabs on a Japanese grill set up on one of several balconies over-looking Miami

Although the weather didn’t fully cooperate, we still managed to get a shot, just as the clouds broke, out on his personal pool deck, where he often entertains.

portrait photography of naeem khan standing on a pool deck high above miami

Naeem enjoys a glass of Champagne at sunset on his personal pool deck

magazine spread featuring portrait photography of naeem khan

Wine & Design Spread for Wine Spectator

wine spectator magazine spread of naeem khan's home in miami

The article also ran on People.com, which you can see here, http://people.com/home/fashion-designer-naeem-khan-miami-house-tour/

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