Portrait of Jan Verleur | Forbes

I’m not a fan of cigarette smoke.  For me, a mere whiff typically means an instant headache and nausea.  My mom smoked when I was young.  (She’s going to love me for outing her like this.)  I would often wait until she wasn’t paying attention and stamp out her resting lit cigarette.  I was such a brat.

So when Forbes called me to make a portrait of Jan Verleur, CEO of the e-cigarette company, VMR, I mentally prepared for a headache.

Turns out, the VMR corporate headquarters is walking distant from my condo in Miami AND e-cigarettes don’t really smell.  AMAZING!  So after an easy commute, we set up two separate shots- both involving smoke, because no matter how stinky, smoke pretty much always photographs well.

The first set-up was a studio style portrait in front of a seamless backdrop.  I really like this chestnut color.  I might have to use it again soon.

portrait photography of Jan Verleur blowing smoke holding e-cigarette

Portrait of Jan Verleur, CEO of VMR, for Forbes

Next up was an environmental portrait we set up in Jan’s office.  His dog Princess is always by his side, so naturally I had to include her in the photo (although, based on her expression, I’m not sure she approves of Jan’s smoking habit.)

portrait photography of Jan Verleur vaping on a sofa with his dog nearby

Jan Verleur, vaping in his office with Princess, his loyal companion


Here is a link to the complete Forbes article online,


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