Vintage, Horses, Blonds…OH MY!

I grew up in Kentucky.  So like it or not, horse culture is sort of in my blood.  Like a good Kentuckian, I took horse-back riding lessons in the second grade and I make the annual trip home every Derby.  (Although, funny enough, I’ve never actually attended the Derby.  I, instead, go to the Oaks- more of a local tradition.)  And I never miss out on a piece of Derby pie.  So when I was approached to make some portraits of equestrian, Ava Collins, at Cavalia Stables in Southwest Ranches, FL, ( I knew I’d feel right at home.

After the portrait session, I was so inspired by the location (and Ava), I wanted to put together another shoot.  I teamed up with kick-ass hair and makeup artist, Mel Paldino ( and amazing clothing stylist, Laura Taylor ( and put together a fun, vintage-inspired, horse-farm themed shoot, with a little circus twist (that was a mouth-full).  We found the gorgeous Alessandra Pozzi, of Mega Models and of course, our real-life equestrian/model, Ava Collins, to complete the shoot.  I can’t leave out my awesome assistant, Dragi Stankovic, who took one for the team (and didn’t say a word) after stepping, bare-foot, in a red ant pile (ouch!).

And although South Florida has been un-seasonably rainy this November, we lucked out with a beautiful day to shoot!


Thanks to a great team:

Location: Cavalia Stables,

Hair/Makeup: Mel Paldino,

Clothing Stylist: Laura Taylor,

Models: Alessandra Pozzi (Mega Models) and Ava Collins

Photo Assistant: Dragi Stankovic

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