Leslie Bradshaw for Cosmopolitan Magazine

I had the pleasure of photographing Guide COO, Leslie Bradshaw, for the November Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Leslie is part of a “Lean In” group, in which her former female colleagues (all of whom are spread across the globe) meet via video conference, once a week, to chat about business and get feedback related to issues they may be experiencing.  To maintain authenticity, we actually set up the photo shoot to take place during one such meeting.  Although I tried to focus on my task at hand (photography) I couldn’t help but listen in.  I was so inspired that I immediately downloaded Sheryl Sandberg’s best seller that is responsible for spawning groups like this one all over the country.


Since Leslie wears many hats- social media maven, personal development coach, entrepreneur, etc., she asked if I would be available to photograph her for her personal website as well.  With the personal shoot we took a different approach and the results (which I love) can be seen below.



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