Ballerina & Balloons – Personal Work

I love working with professional dancers (and no, I’m not referring to the exotic kind).  That’s why, when Hannah Rich contacted me to update her professional dance headshots, I knew I had to talk her into doing a test shoot as well.  Since Hannah is gorgeous and has amazing balance, I knew I could get both tighter beauty shots, as well as wider fanciful shots.    Although I had a loose idea of the type of images I wanted to create, sometimes the best approach for me is to go into this kind of personal shoot with few expectations (the higher my expectations, the less likely I am to actually like the end result).  I also often find that if I go into it with a really defined idea of what I what, I’m more closed off to opportunities when they present themselves, case in point-  this amazing red thing (if I give away what she is actually standing on, it loses its magic a little) that just happened to be positioned in front of the wall and just happened to perfectly match her outfit and props and because of that amazing balance, she just happened to be able to stand on it…talk about serendipity!ballerina_by-Sonya-Revell

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