A Portrait of Maria Mejia for POZ Magazine

One of the many things I love about making portraits, is getting to help relay the diverse stories of so many interesting people.  Maria Mejia, the subject of my POZ Magazine shoot, definitely has a striking story to tell.  Diagnosed with HIV at the age of 18, she chose not to retreat from life, but rather to stand strong, educate herself, and share her story honestly.   Armed with courage, a great deal of knowledge and empathy, she is able to help educate the public and lend support to those that share the HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

Maria welcomed me into her home back in August, where we made this lovely portrait.


Maria Mejia for POZ Magazine

To view the article in the digital edition of POZ Magazine, simply click on the link below and visit page 36.

Oct./Nov. 2013 Issue POZ Magazine

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