Art/Design/Architecture – Portrait of a Miami Design Team

With Art Basel 2015 just around the corner, Miami’s art scene is abuzz in anticipation.   For this month’s Luxe Interiors + Design I was given the extraordinary task of photographing one of Miami’s preeminent art/design/architecture teams-  Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar, of R & R Studios.  Over the last few years I’ve made portraits of many of South Florida’s most talented artists and designers.  However, working with this husband-and-wife team felt a little extra special.  I was already quite fond of their  ‘Living Room’ installation-  a veritable landmark in Miami’s Design District, which was erected in 2001 and has unfortunately come down in recent years.  I discovered this curious public art piece upon moving to Miami in 2003.  It was my first memorable interaction with a public art installation and I always wondered just who was behind it.  I didn’t actually discover Roberto and Rosario were responsible for ‘The Living Room’ until I started researching them for my Luxe shoot!

Check out my portrait of Roberto & Rosario, along with shots of their Wynwood studio space and various art pieces below.

R-R-studios-Revell-portraitR and R Studios design, Miami, FL, Photo by Sonya Revell


Progress photos of ‘The Living Room’ in Miami’s Design District




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