The French Horn – Conceptual Portraits

Stagnation sucks.  As a commercial photographer, I find it so important to continually challenge myself by evolving my style and technique.  The best way that I’ve found to keep stagnation from setting in, is to work on personal photography projects as often as I can.

For my latest self-assignment, I wanted to create a conceptual portrait within a nightscape.  Since I love photographing performers, I approached the amazingly talented gypsy/jazz band, The French Horn, about collaborating.  They were open to the idea, so we made beautiful music pictures together.


The French Horn, by Miami photographer, Sonya Revell


Vincent Raffard, Band Leader, The French Horn, by photographer, Sonya Revell


Steffen Zeichner, Fiddle/Violin Player, The French Horn, by photographer, Sonya Revell

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