Multi-media Artist, Federico Uribe, for Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

For my shoot with Columbian-born multi-media artist, Federico Uribe, I met up with Luxe Interiors + Design photo editor, Olivia, at Federico’s studio in little Haiti.  Judging by his impressively large studio space, full of small and large-scale works alike, it was clear that Uribe is quite a prolific artist.

Although there were a few different spots in the studio featuring his finished works, Olivia and I were both particularly drawn to an area containing raw materials for the main shot.

Due to the fact that Uribe was working around the clock to make an impending deadline for a new show, I tried to move as fast as possible through the two different set-ups.  As soon as we were done, Federico quickly disappeared back into his artist’s lair.

Here is the tear sheet from Luxe, as well as a couple of my favorites.



Tear sheet from Luxe Interiors + Design, Style Makers section



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