Portrait of Peter Gary of Pinnacle Advertising for Adweek


My first step with any editorial portrait assignment is always research.  I look for pictures of the subject, try to read up on his/her background and if I’m shooting in/around the subject’s office (or a location I’ve never been to), I try to scope that out as well.

When Adweek approached me to photograph Peter Gary, CEO of Pinnacle Advertising in Boca Raton, I went right to Google.  Between visits to Pinnacle’s website and google images, I concluded that the agency had a cool mural of a mountain in their office.  I just so happened to have a pair of binoculars from a previous shoot lying around and decided they might just be the perfect prop to go with the mountain mural.  (Pinnacle = top of the mountain/top of the ad industry, binoculars = looking down from the mountain/ into the future of advertising etc…at least that’s how I connected the dots in my head.)

Within minutes of my arrival at the Pinnacle office I was introduced to Peter.  He exuded such charisma and enthusiasm that I knew immediately he’d be easy to photograph.  After a quick tour of the large (and currently expanding) space, I approached Peter with my ideas to make sure he was on board.  He agreed and we moved forward with my two setups.  The  first was in his office, where he was seated in his awesome vintage barber chair.  The second was in front of the mountain mural. (I was happy I brought those binoculars along.)

A couple of my favorites from the shoot are below, along with a screen shot of the article.

Check out the full article here, http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/how-fledgling-florida-agency-defied-recessionary-headwinds-161276.




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