Roadtrip/Mi Familia

A few weeks ago I packed up my car and drove to my Motherland-  Kentucky. Along the way, I stopped in Birmingham, AL to visit my nine-months-pregnant cousin, Valerie and her family. While there, I took the opportunity to photograph Valerie’s very photogenic children.



This is Tiziri. I asked her to pout and she obliged.


I also made some portraits of my cousin’s husband, Djamel (with kids, Aksil and Luiza).  These are for a personal project, focused on immigrants, that I have in the works (Djamel is originally from Algeria).



Once in Kentucky, I volunteered my recently retired Dad for a photo session as well.  He is very into gardening, so his yard seemed the perfect backdrop for his portraits.Bouriche-2IMG_4661 Bouriche-3IMG_4785

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