Editing Your Own Work for a Portfolio Can be Tricky….and I Need Help!

I often develop an emotional attachment to certain images, while growing tired of others after staring at them for so long.  I also sometimes have trouble connecting the dots and creating a cohesive flow from one image to the next, especially in a printed portfolio.  I’ve gotten some great advice and help with editing already (which is how I got this far) but its still not quite finished.  So since I need to stop procrastinating and get this new version of my portfolio printed, I’ve decided to take an opinion poll.  I need to know which version of certain spreads work best, if the spreads flow cohesively from one to the next (picture flipping through a book), and if there are any images that should really just be taken out.  So let me know what you think, but please be gentle…I bruise easily.

Spread #1





Spread #2

Spread #3

Spread #4

Spread #5

Spread #6

OR (combination of Spreads #5 and #6, instead of both)

Spread #7 (I don’t know how I feel about this one)

Spread #8

Spread #9

Spread #10

Spread #11

Spread #12

Spread #13 (Last Page w/ back cover)


  1. Ace

    Fantastic work Sonya! The only one that doesn't work for me is spread #5. I think it is because one is B & W and the other color. I prefer the first one of #6. Keep up the great work!

  2. shelley smith

    Sonya, first let me say you are absolutly amazing! Your work is gorgeous! Spread #1 I like the second and third best. I think they complement each other very well. The rest are perfect as they are! I would love to see these printed! Good luck!

  3. Nicole Johnson

    Spread 1:
    Some of my favorite work of are the shots of the woman and birds so I’d say “THIS AND THIS” – so that all four shots are included in your book.

    Spread 2, 3, 4, 5:
    Genius. I love them. Sooo Sonya Revell!

    Spread 5& 6:
    Keep them both.

    Spread 7:
    I would remove them both.

    Spread 8:
    The monster shot never, ever gets old. A classic. Have you ever considered putting the little girl with the yellow dress next to the monster shot? They seem to share a common “child’s imagination” thread. Just a thought.

    Spread 9-13 are perfect as is. I am happy you end with the old guy. Strong finish.

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