Out Takes from the Insider’s Guide to the East Bay

In the beginning of February, I photographed somewhere around 15 profile shots for the Insider’s Guide to the East Bay, part of the East Bay Express.  Any time I shoot an editorial assignment I am always curious to see which images the editor will choose.  Although I typically edit the photos I show them  down to between 5 and 25 images (depending on the client) I definitely always have an image (or images) that I prefer over the others.
Here are a few pictures from the Insider’s Guide shoots that I liked but weren’t included (or were in the case of the photo of Brendan Eliason with his porron or ‘pour on’).

Rene De Guzman, Senior Curator, Oakland Museum of California

Brendan Eliason, Owner/Head Wine Maker, Periscope Cellars
Real Wine makers drink with a straw or even better, out of a porron

Berkeley Hat Co.

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