Active Lifestyle | Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Earlier this year I was hired to capture some lifestyle photography in tandem with a video shoot, for Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen.  This was a unique photo shoot for me because I used only natural light and my approach was a bit more fast and loose than normal.

Our location was a gorgeous home in South Miami (I had actually photographed at this particular home once before) where we had many great background options, including a pool and a back yard with a tree house.

As a still photographer, working on a video production definitely presents unique challenges.  I’m not the one choosing the shots, my camera angles are secondary to the video camera (sometimes I’m shooting over the cameraman’s shoulder), I often have to be cognizant of the clicking of my shutter to be sure it’s not being picked up by a mic and I can’t use flash.  The limitations can be frustrating.  However, the crew on this particular project was extremely easy to work with and since most of the shots were B-roll, I didn’t have to worry about being quite (Yay!).

Check out some of my favorite images from the day below.

Photo of Girls running through field holding handsphoto of a young girl riding a bike wearing a helmetphoto of a young girl jumping rope outdoorsphoto of two girls playing chase outside in a backyardphoto of Blue Lizard sunscreen laying by a poolphoto of a female model holding blue lizard sunscreen next to a poolphoto of young girls playing in a backyard sprinklerphoto of a woman applying sunscreen to a little boy next to a poolphoto of a woman with a little girl on her shoulders, playing in a backyard sprinklerphoto of Blue Lizard Sunscreen poolsidephoto of a model holding blue lizard sunscreen

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