Conceptual Portraits of Boston Red Sox player, Mike Napoli, for Inked Magazine

On my recent Inked magazine shoot with Boston Red Sox first baseman, Mike Napoli, I learned two very important things,

#1.  Napoli’s beer(s) of choice is Modelo (and/or Bud Light) and #2.  Wearing a beard just may have been the key to winning the 2013 World Series.

Mike was kind enough to invite us to his home for the shoot, where we proceeded to set up camp in his back yard.  He was a great sport (pun intended) when it came to our beer and beard-centric concepts and played right along.  We had some laughs as his manager, Brian and my assistant, Dragi, each stepped up to the plate to make their hand modeling debut (pictured below).

Here is a link to the Inked Magazine Q&A article with Napoli (thankfully devoid of all of my goofy puns),

And check out my tear sheet below, along with a few more of my favorites from the shoot.



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