Jack Dorsey wants to Square Up & I want to Catch Up

Since I’m playing catch up with my blog, I’m going way back in the archives for this post.  This is an assignment I shot for SQUARE back when I was still living in the Bay area.  Square, started by Jack Dorsey, (who is better known as the founder of Twitter) is an awesome mobile payment service which utilizes a credit card reader that plugs into your smart phone or tablet…it allows small businesses (like me) or individuals to accept mobile payments via credit/debit card without having to invest in expensive equipment or pay ‘per swipe’ fees.

Todd Spitzer, the owner of Remedy Coffee in Oakland (which has sadly since closed) was early to embrace this technology for his business, so Square wanted to feature Todd in the ad.  It was really fun to work with Todd since I was already a frequent customer at Remedy.

Here is the ad that ran, as well as a portrait of Todd.


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