Cowboy Poets Here I Come!

During the last week of January I headed to Elko, NV to attend and photograph the Cowboy Poets Gathering along side my former college professor, Kevin Martini-Fuller.  This was my first road trip on the West Coast by myself and although I am no strange to cross country driving, I headed into the mountains near Lake Tahoe with more than a few reservations (mostly because I bought my first set of snow chains (required by the state of California for these roads) and had absolutely no idea how I would get them on my tires if I actually had to use them).  To my relief, there was little to worry about, as I-80 was clear all the way (although there were six foot snow banks on either side of the expressway).

My car looks tiny next to the snow bank.

I stopped along the way to get these shots.

Nearing Elko

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